A hedgehog under lilac tree

Ae bonnie night, unner lilac bloom,
A hedgehog slumb’rin, peacefu’ gloom,
His wee bit hame, sae snug an’ neat,
His heart content, wi’ sleep sae sweet.

A fearsome din did wauken him,
He peek’d oot, startl’d, feelin’ grim,
A gruesome ogre, saw in hand,
Wad fell his lilac, his wee land.

He cried oot, “Help me, friends sae dear,
Lest a’ I cherish, perish here!”
Frae thunder’s roars an’ lightnin’ bolts,
A goddess cam’, a sight tae jolt.

Her quills like silver, glowin’ bright,
Her een a dazzling, starry light,
In beauty’s radiance, puir ogre blind,
He couldnae bear, her form tae find.

He trembl’d, shook, an’ fled the scene,
Afore the goddess hedgehog queen,
Sae bonnie, braw, an’ sae divine,
Oor hedgehog marv’l’d at her shine.

“Oh, goddess fair, I thank thee sae,
Ye’ve saved me an’ me hame this day,
I’ll ne’er forget yer beauty’s grace,
An’ how ye’ve rescued me frae chase.”

The goddess smiled, an’ wi’ a nod,
She vanish’d, leavin’ hedgehog awed,
Wi’ heartfu’ thanks an’ praise sincere,
He knew his lilac bush was clear.

An’ sae, beneath the bonnie blooms,
Wi’ heart sae light, free frae the gloom,
He dreamt o’ goddess hedgehog fair,
An’ lilac scents perfum’d the air.







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