In yon green forest, where the leaves do quiver,
A tale was tauld, and that will I deliver,
O’ a hedgehog so clever, sae wily and keen,
And a bunny, sae bonnie, sae bonnie and sheen.

Upon a fine day, while the sun did beam,
The creatures conspired to engage in a scheme,
A contest of letters, a battle of wit,
The forest did bustle, as there they did sit.

Wi’ a sparkle in his e’e, the hedgehog did say,
“Dear bunny, I challenge ye this verra day,
A battle of spelling, ye see, I propose,
To settle the matter, and that’s how it goes.”

The bunny agreed, wi’ a confident air,
Her long ears a-twitching, as she took the dare,
“Dear hedgehog, I accept, for I know I am wise,
But I’ll listen close, for ye’re full of surprise.”

So the creatures did gather, a circle was formed,
Each waiting to see how the words were performed,
An auld wise owl, in his lofty abode,
The judge of the contest, the master of code.

The bunny, so clever, did spell many a word,
Her voice clear and melodic, like a sweet singing bird,
But the hedgehog, no less, his wit did display,
Each word he did utter, as if child’s play.

The tension did rise, as they neared the last round,
When the hedgehog spoke up, a word most profound,
“Dear friends, I submit, ’tis a word most peculiar,
The word I propose, it is ‘phorever’, no failure.”

The bunny did laugh, “Dear hedgehog, ye’re daft,
The word is ‘forever’, ye jest, or ye’re daft?
The ‘ph’ is misplaced, ye must surely agree,
And if ye persist, then it’s folly I see.”

The hedgehog, unshaken, his argument stated,
“Dear bunny, the truth, it cannot be debated,
For ‘ph’ is a sound, that matches an ‘f’,
And ‘forever’ it seems, is a victim of theft.”

The owl intervened, wi’ a wise nod and a hoot,
“Dear hedgehog, ye’re right, and ye’ve made a point acute,
The word ‘phorever’ may indeed be correct,
A new way to spell, a new path to direct.”

The bunny did sigh, and she knew she’d been bested,
The hedgehog’s wordplay, so deftly suggested,
She bowed to her rival, a hedgehog so clever,
“Dear friend, ye’ve taught me, a lesson I’ll treasure.”

So in the green forest, where the leaves do quiver,
The tale of the hedgehog, forever will deliver,
A lesson in wisdom, a tale of great fun,
The hedgehog, the victor, when the day was done.







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