Ode tae the Hedgehog Bonnie

Ae bonnie nicht, in yon glen green,
A curious contest could be seen,
Whaur bunnies gathered, lasses braw,
Tae vie for title, best o’ aw.

Wi’ bunny ears an’ tails sae sma’,
Wi’ fur sae sleek, they lined the ha’,
But in their midst, a stranger came,
A hedgehog lass, o’ modest fame.

Nae bunny ears, nae tail had she,
Nae bunny fur, as a’ could see,
Her spines were sharp, her body round,
She didna jump, nor paw the ground.

But O, this lass could snort sae fine,
Her snorts an’ snuffles, a’ divine,
An’ wi’ her rhymes, she danced sae spry,
Nae bunny could her grace deny.

She played a flute sae sweet an’ clear,
The bonnie tunes, they charmed each ear,
Wi’ skill an’ poise, she’d nae compare,
She won their hearts, wi’ talent rare.

She found the berries, ripe an’ sweet,
A feast for a’ the bunnies tae eat,
Her keen wee nose led her aroon’,
Tae treasures that lay hidden doon.

An’ as the contest reached its end,
Wi’ anxious hearts, they’d wait tae ken,
Who’d wear the crown, a bunny queen,
In yon glen’s history, ne’er seen.

The judges whispered, an’ they said,
“This hedgehog lass, she’s won instead,
Though no’ a bunny, we can see,
Her beauty an’ her skill, sae free.”

Wi’ joy an’ cheer, the crowd did roar,
An’ hailed the hedgehog, evermore,
As honorary bunny, fair an’ bright,
The cleverest beast, in the moonlit nicht.

So let us raise a glass on high,
Tae the hedgehog lass, who touched the sky,
An’ proved that beauty, wit, an’ grace,
Can spring frae creatures, in every place.







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