The Hedgehog Berry

In yonder glen o’ bounteous woods,
A Fruit Festival held by the broods,
Wi’ critters gatherin’ far an’ near,
Tae celebrate the harvest cheer.

A squirrel cam’ wi’ nutty fare,
An’ bunnies brocht their carrot rare,
Wi’ wild strawberries for a treat,
For such a feast they all did meet.

But in the thrang, a hedgehog fair,
Sought out the mushroom she’d prepare,
Wi’ weary steps an’ tired gaze,
She trod the forest’s leafy maze.

Upon the stalls she grazed wi’ glee,
A greedy hedgehog she’d come tae be,
Her quills adorned wi’ juicy stains,
Like bards o’ yore in crimson chains.

From berry red to apple sweet,
Each flavor she did gladly eat,
Her coat transformed, a wondrous hue,
Of fruits an’ scents, a heady brew.

Exhausted by her feast so grand,
She curled an’ slept upon the land,
Her mushroom pillow, soft an’ round,
Upon her stall she could be found.

The judges roamed frae stall tae stall,
Tae find the finest fruit of all,
But then their eyes did chance tae fall,
Upon the hedgehog, round an’ small.

Her coat, a sight o’ radiant gleams,
An’ fragrant wafts like sweetest dreams,
A berry like nane seen afore,
The juiciest prize, they could nae ignore.

The hedgehog stirred, an’ awoke wi’ grace,
To find herself in a winner’s place,
A humble creature, she did protest,
That she was nae fruit, but just a guest.

Her modesty did win acclaim,
An’ her beauty an’ wit they could nae tame,
The forest folk did all declare,
“The Hedgehog Berry” beyond compare.

The prize was hers, an’ in her name,
The year of the Hedgehog Berry came,
A tale of wonder, love, an’ cheer,
Forever remembered by those who were near.







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