A cat in a hat

In yon glen, whaur trees do stand,
A feline bade, sae fine and grand;
He wore a hat upon his crown,
A sight that made the squirrels frown.

It cam’ to pass, as leaves did fa’,
The cat in hat, a bonnie aw’;
The squirrel tauld her bairns sae dear,
“This cat is wise, aye, dinna fear.”

“His hat, it keeps his lugs sae warm,
His brains saft, frae a’ harm;
His fur, it shimmers like the night,
But in his hat, he’s a bonnie sight.”

The fox did smirk, the badger stare,
As cat in hat, he strut wi’ flair;
The winter cam’, the snaw did fa’,
The hat a beacon tae them aw’.

“Come oot tae play!” the bairns cried,
For cat’s warm hat, a beacon bright;
They romped and rolled in snaw sae white,
The cat in hat, their pure delight.

But spring did break, the days grew lang,
And cat in hat, he still did prance;
The hedgehog wauk’d frae winter’s rest,
And saw the cat, sae overdressed.

“O cat,” she said, “dinna be shy,
Yer fur is bonnie, let it fly;
But if ye must wear something fine,
A summer cap wad be divine.”

Tae forest’s tailor, rabbit fleet,
They went tae make a cap sae neat;
The bonniest cap ye’d ever seen,
A cat transformed, a forest’s dream.

The cat now roams in cap sae fair,
Wi’ hedgehog’s counsel, light as air;
He wears it proudly, fur unfurled,
A summer fashion, in this world.







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