Secret Pleasures

In bonnie woods o’ Scotland fair,
A tale o’ friendship I’ll declare,
Betwixt a hedgehog, unco rare,
And bunny, sprightly, full o’ care.

Upon a day o’ sun and cheer,
The bunny whispered in hedgehog’s ear,
“Come, dear friend, I hae news to share,
O’ wonders growing in my lair.”

The bunny lass, wi’ eyes sae wide,
Led her friend to her garden’s pride,
A carrot, grand, none could deride,
From Robin’s gift, o’er oceans wide.

Nae carrot in a’ Scotland found,
Could match this treasure in the ground,
A juicy, sweet delight, profound,
A gem that a’ would gather ’round.

But bunny’s heart, sae wise and kind,
Did see beyond the present find,
She’d wait for blooms to fade and bind,
Then feast on carrots in due time.

Then hedgehog whispered, shy and sweet,
“I hae a secret place to meet,
A glen where dreams and wonders greet,
Awaits us in the forest deep.”

Through tangled woods they made their way,
To a secret glen where hedgehogs play,
And in its heart, a swing set lay,
That creaked nae e’en on windiest days.

Wi’ grateful heart, the bunny hopped,
Upon the swings, time nearly stopped,
She felt as if through space she’d dropped,
Her joy and awe could no’ be topped.

And in that moment, clear and bright,
They kent their dreams took equal flight,
Their secret joys, noo shared in light,
Made life in their dear forest right.

For friends, though each their treasures own,
Can find a joy that’s newly sown,
When shared, their happiness has grown,
And bonnie forest life, full-blown.







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