The hedgehog’s flight

In yonder glen, whaur moonbeams gleam,
A hedgehog dreamt a wondrous dream,
He spied the sky, so vast and blue,
An’ longed tae fly, as birdies do.

Wi’ fur sae dark an’ prickles stiff,
His heart did beat, an’ spirits lift,
He gazed aloft, as clouds did flee,
An’ yearned tae sair, tae be so free.

Upon a day, a heron cam,
Her wings sae wide, her neck a’ lang,
Wi’ eyes o’ kindness she did see,
The hedgehog’s dream, an’ heart sae free.

“I’ll tak ye up, tae skies aboon,
Tae see the forest, frae the moon,
An’ show ye hoo, the world does lie,
Frae lofty heights, where eagles fly.”

Upon her back, the hedgehog hied,
His wee heart swell’d wi’ joy and pride,
The heron soared, sae swift an’ fleet,
The wind did whistle ’round his feet.

They saired the skies, o’er forests green,
The likes o’ which he’d ne’er afore seen,
O’er valley low and mountain high,
The hedgehog thrilled, in dreams did fly.

Frae lofty perch, the heron sailed,
An’ doon they went, tae earth’s embrace,
The hedgehog gripped, wi’ tiny paw,
As gently they descend, nae flaw.

They reached the grund, sae firm an’ sweet,
An’ hedgehog felt his heart’s drumbeat,
He thanked the heron, eyes a’ bright,
For gift o’ flight, an’ bird’s-eye sight.

An’ as the heron flew away,
The hedgehog knew, he’d ne’er betray,
The memory o’ his wondrous dream,
In moonlit glen, whaur starlight gleam.







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