O buzzwords

Ae bricht an’ bonnie nicht, near Lunnon toon,
A hedgehog roamed, sae far frae Scottish groon’;
He cam’ upon a fair, sae rare an’ grand,
Wi’ beasties gathered frae ilk foreign land.

Wi’ bated breath, they spak o’ change an’ mair,
A future fu’ o’ promise in the air;
Yet, as our hero listened weel, he found,
Their lofty speeches rang wi’ empty sound.

A possum cried, “Mice should learn hoo tae flee!”
But, nae a mouse wis willin’ tae agree;
A hamster then, wi’ vigor did contend,
That eagles backwards fly tae improve their end.

The hedgehog, vexed, consulted maps wi’ care,
Tae find the speakers spoutin’ sense, sae rare;
He hearkened tae a bunny, sleek an’ snod,
Wha shared the quickest way tae bake a carrot cake, sae guid.

An’ then a squirrel chattered, spry an’ keen,
O’ nut butter’s virtues yet unseen;
Our hedgehog listened, takin’ in each word,
He’d found the wisdom he had long preferred.

Wi’ heart content, he journeyed hame at last,
Bearin’ a trove o’ knowledge unsurpassed;
He kent that empty words held nae true weight,
An’ wise was he, his time nae tae abate.

He’d learned tae choose the counsel he would heed,
An’ let nae idle chatter waste his need;
In wisdom’s path, he’d tread wi’ cautious care,
An’ cherish life’s sweet moments, rich an’ rare.







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