Shakespeare about SSL error


Upon digital landscape wide,
A grievous fault dost thus reside.
Of cypher’s craft, a tale unfurl’d,
A quirk within the web-world whirl’d.

SSL error, as it seems,
Hath sprung forth from ethereal dreams,
A padlock’s charm, a secret kept,
Yet now, alas, our fates are swept.

The server, steadfast, doth await,
Secure connection shan’t create,
In shadows deep, and secrets dark,
A wayward path we must embark.

O, let us now with patience bear,
This unforeseen and grievous snare,
To mend the fault, to right the wrong,
And in due course, our bond grow strong.

For in the realm of ones and naught,
Where battles swift are daily fought,
A truth we hold, in heart and mind,
That love’s own code we’re sure to find.

So, let us then with courage face,
SSL error’s harsh embrace,
And in the end, with honour make,
A bond secure, for true love’s sake.






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