Flower of the Forest

In the gloamin’ when the moon ascends high,
An’ silvers the sky, an’ the night’s gentle sigh
Awakens the flowers of the forest sae deep,
An’ in their soft light, the shadows do weep.

They bloom ‘neath the moon’s tender, watchful glow,
Their petals of silver and sapphire show.
Their scent, like a dream, lures wanderers near,
Into the heart of the forest, where fear

Holds no sway, and the darkness is kind,
Where secrets an’ wonders a traveler may find.
No danger lurks here in the shadows unseen,
For here lies a meadow, so quiet an’ serene.

A place where the hedgehogs lay down to rest,
In the heart of the forest, where they love best.
The most bonnie flower of the forest resides,
In her woodpile, where safely she hides.

Sleepin’ sae soundly, she dreams without care,
In her quiet meadow, under the moon’s stare.
Her dreams are as sweet as the honeyed dew,
An’ they bring to the night a magic anew.

From her dreams, the flowers draw their light,
They sparkle an’ shine in the soft moonlight.
Her slumbering breath stirs the silent air,
An’ adds to the beauty of the forest fair.

So if ever ye wander in the forest at night,
An’ witness the flowers in their radiant light,
Remember the hedgehog in her meadow so deep,
Who dreams the sweet dreams that the flowers do keep.

An’ fear not the darkness, nor the silent wood,
For in magic forest, there is only good.
In the heart of the night, there’s a lullaby song,
In the flowers of the forest, where we all belong.







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