Hedgehog Priorities

In the heart of the meadow, ‘neath the shade of a tree,
Lives a clever wee hedgehog, as bright as can be.
She can fashion a sonnet, she can play a fine tune,
She can dance by the light of the silvery moon.

She could outwit a fox, or a badger, or hare,
With a spark in her eye and a bold, brazen stare.
But what she would rather, as the night turns to day,
Is to savour sweet chocolate ice cream, in a soft, sunny ray.

In the court of the woodland, by the babbling brook,
Lives a hedgehog who’s authored a best-selling book.
She can speak seven languages, solve riddles so deep,
She can lull all the forest’s young offspring to sleep.

She could converse with the owls, share tales with the deer,
Or recite epic poems for all critters to hear.
But what she would rather, after pondering her task,
Is to bask in the sun, in a comfy sun mask.

On the edge of the forest, by the cool, rolling sea,
Lives a hedgehog who’s painted a masterpiece, ye see.
She can sculpt, she can sketch, she can capture the light,
She can make stars seem brighter in the darkest of night.

She could sculpt a great statue, create tapestries grand,
Or leave intricate patterns drawn deep in the sand.
But what she would rather, when her work is complete,
Is to roll in the waves, feel the sea at her feet.

In the midst of the thicket, under star’s gentle gleam,
Lives a hedgehog who weaves magic into her dream.
She can gaze at the heavens, chart the stars in their flight,
She can whisper to breezes, tell tales to the night.

She could wander the cosmos, a hedgehog space-seer,
Discover new planets, far-off and near.
But what she would rather, as the stars softly peep,
Is to curl in her burrow, and drift into sleep.

From the meadow to forest, from sea to night’s dome,
This hedgehog knows truly there’s no place like home.
She could do wondrous things, of that there’s no doubt,
But she knows what life’s about, with her priorities straight out.

She values her pleasures, simple and small,
For it’s joy in the living that’s the best thing of all.
So she’ll eat her ice cream, then she’ll bask in the sun,
Then she’ll roll in the sea, And will sleep ‘neath the stars,
She will do this and more, brought by life being free,
With the love in her heart, as content as can be.






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