Spider’s rap

I’m the Spider, terror in the night,
My web’s my stage, where I incite.
Insects quiver, when they hear my name,
Tales of my exploits, that’s my game.

From Dizzy the Dragonfly to Frizzy the Fly,
They’ve all felt my venom, no need to lie.
Woven in my silk, the laughter’s been sold,
Insect after insect, in my merciless hold.

Spider’s terror, spider’s fame,
In the forest, I lay claim.
Names of victims, etched in my web,
In my deadly dance, they ebb.

First was Jittery Jim, the jumpy June bug,
Got caught in my web, gave a feeble shrug.
Then came Molly Moth, fluffy and light,
Darkness fell, so did her flight.

Next was Wacky Wally, the wayward wasp,
His buzz was loud, but his end was a flop.
Each name I recite, a testament to my might,
In the forest, I am the eternal night.

Spider’s dominion, spider’s laugh,
Insects fear my shadowy path.
Names of the fallen, my comedic shout,
Spider’s jest, there’s no doubt.

Then came Ticklish Timmy, the tumultuous tick,
And Fumbling Freddy, the frantic stick…
Wait, what’s this? A flap and a swoosh,
Caught mid-dance, oh what a boosh!

A swallow swoops in, with a flutter so grand,
In the midst of my dance, wasn’t it just grand?
And just like that, the spider was gone,
A tragic end to the jester’s song.

Swallow’s flight, swallow’s feed,
Ended the spider, with a lightning speed.
The forest spins on, the laughter’s done,
In the end, it’s the unseen ones who won.







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