A night hunt

In the heart of the forest, when the moon was in sight,
Wandered a hedgehog, under the cloak of the night.
Her quills were a-quiver, her heart all a-throb,
For a moth loomed ahead, and a really big blob.

“Ah!” cried the hedgehog, “Could I ever beat
Such a monster, with wings are so heavy and fleet?”
It fluttered and flapped, quite the scary sight,
For our little hedgehog, out in the night.

Just as she pondered her unfortunate plight,
Sprung a cat from the shadows, pfuffy and white.
With a swish of his tail, and a leap of delight,
He snagged the moth, oh what a sight!

“Pardon, dear hedgehog, for causing a scare,
Would you like this moth, fresh from the air?”
But our hedgehog declined, with a polite nod,
“Although juicy and fresh, I find it rather odd.”

The cat just shrugged and licked his paw,
Then suggested a hunt, without a flaw.
“Join me, hedgehog, under the moon’s gleam,
We’ll make a great team, like in a dream!”

And so they went, through the forest floor,
Hunting bugs, and moths, and maybe more.
The hedgehog felt like a Nordic shieldmaiden,
In a battle against creatures, the ground laden.

They darted and dashed, with excitement and glee,
Under the forest canopy, wild and free.
A spider was spotted, they took a brief pause,
Then chased it away, with barely a cause.

With the dawn creeping in, they ended their play,
Hedgehog trotted off, it was the break of day.
Back to her den, nestled ‘mongst roots of a willow,
She snuggled on her warm, cozy pillow.

And as she dozed off, under the morning light,
Her dreams were sweet, after the adventurous night.
Of her great battle, under the starry sheen,
With her trusty comrade, the cat, ever so keen.

So here ends our tale, of the hedgehog, so brave,
Who faced the scary moth, and a spider did stave.
And learned that night, in the forest’s cool weather,
That sometimes, it’s simply better together.







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