The Magic Show

A wee nimble squirrel, in the wildwood so fine,
Found a box of tricks, a prize most divine,
A magician’s set, left by a child behind,
She read the manual, of the most erudite kind.

Guided by the fine print, the squirrely lass,
Learnt the art of magic, as the shadows did pass,
Her audience, the hedgehog, with eyes wide and bright,
Was captivated by her skill, ‘neath the starry night.

The cards danced, the cups spun round,
A rain of leaves, the silence drowned,
The coin behind ear, the rope trick too,
She performed them all, in the woodland strew.

But alas, the last trick, a puzzling feat,
To hide a nut and make it retreat,
For the squirrel, oh, a mind so thin,
Forgot where it was, amidst the din.

A nut hidden here, a nut hidden there,
Yet, where they were, she couldn’t swear,
Many a day, she lost her meal,
But for her friend, it was no big deal.

The hedgehog, wise, with memory keen,
Remembered where every nut had been,
He assisted her, in the grandest show,
Brought forth the nut, in the moonlight’s glow.

The forest cheered, their applause did fill,
The quiet night, with joyous thrill,
Thus, the squirrel and hedgehog, an unlikely pair,
Spun their magic, in the woodland air.

An enchanting spectacle, a tale of delight,
Held the woodland creatures, throughout the night,
Of a squirrel, a hedgehog, and their magical spree,
In the heart of the wildwood, forever they’ll be.






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