A halloween story, scary and true

Tae tale an auld Midst ye shadowy pine,
O’ hedgehog wee and squirrel sae fine,
Wi’ chum, the beaver brae, there they pine,
Thae chipper twa, plus ane mak’ nine.

In raiment fierce, all kitted grand,
In pumpkin light, the wee band stand.
A door charm’d ajar, by magic hand,
A goblin’s den it seem’d, in such land.

Paper spiders could nae mack’em run,
Nor frogs nor bats, not even for fun,
E’en real creepy critters were done,
The hedgehog grinned, “I ken every one.”

Then into the house, darkness inside,
A witch piece she spies in lantern’s light,
A scary glowing pumpkin, wide,
The best and scaredy-sight, she eyed.

A squeaky scream, scared out her breath,
Then flight like bullet, cheating death!
Scramble! A-Shiver! In utmost fright!
Aye! O’er self-made witch! Quite a sight!

There in the boggy moonlit glen, her stride,
She’d been her own ghoul, and had to hide,
Laughing too much, her comrades slide,
In mirth and jest, they themselves bide.

O, cruel the mirror, and its trickery!
That gave our friends such novelty,
And taught our hedgehog, one or three
Tales about courage, and humility.

So, ye bairns, if you go out to trick,
Mind your horrors not too slick,
In case you yourself be one to flick,
An’ ye fall for old devils’ click.

Here ends our tale o’ All Hallows Eve,
Of friends in the woods, who might believe
Sometimes, the worst fright you can conceive,
Is one yourself you manage to weave.







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