A cat with a nap

Upon a winnock, hale and braw,
A puissant puss, wi’ lazy paw,
Survey’d his realm, his grand dominion,
And clos’d his een in lordly pinion.

Wi’ bated breath, the world stood still,
Awaiting that momentous thrill,
When on his throne o’ fluff and plume,
The cat wad nap, dispelling gloom.

Now nature held a hush profound,
The winds, the trees, the streams around,
As, wi’ a yawn, the beast did lie,
And stretch’d his limbs, nae mair to ply.

The sun, a-glow, in reverence paid,
His beams, as on the cat they laid,
And frae his fur, a warmth did sally,
Like whisky neat, or tattie sally.

As the cat’s breath grew deep and slow,
The peace, like drizzle, did bestow,
Upon the Earth, a calm embrace,
As gravity’s wild dance did grace.

No squabble ‘twixt the beasts did brew,
No war nor strife, the humans knew,
For in this bless’d, ephemeral time,
The universe did taste sublime.

Oh, blessed be that feline sleep,
That bringeth peace, so vast and deep,
And may our lives be e’er entwined,
Wi’ slumbering cats, their peace to find.






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